Natural Gas Engines

While 80% of Gas Engines and Diesel Engines are the same, the Gas Engine utilizes Spark Ignition and the Spark Plug ignites the fuel as compared to compression ignition on a Diesel Engine. A Spark Plug is required because unlike Diesel Fuel, Natural Gas will not ignite with compression. In addition to this the Diesel Engine has a four valve cylinder head while the Gas Engine makes use of a 2-cylinder valve head, which enables optimum positioning of the Spark Plug.


Why Choose Natural Gas Engines?

Natural Gas Engines are clean, quiet, simple and powerful. A key reason for many customers is that Natural Gas Engines have a long-term predictable low-cost fuel, it does not leak into the ground water, has a colourless and non-toxic substance, is clean to work around and is safe to use. 

Compared to Engines fuelled with conventional diesel/gasoline, natural gas vehicles (NG) can yield significantly lesser amounts of harmful emissions such as nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, and toxic and carcinogenic pollutants as well as the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. – US Department of Energy.

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