358 kVA Generator

358 kVA Generator


The Cummins NT-Series engines have been service proven through millions of hours of operation in some of the world’s most demanding applications. The 14 litre, six-cylinder NTA855 has been engineered to handle higher injection pressures, with redesigned overhead arrangement, pistons, crankshaft and camshaft. A gear train with high contact ratio spur gears also eliminates unwanted thrust loads and reduces noise.

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Cylinder Block – Alloy cast iron with removable wet liners.

Cylinder Heads – Alloy cast iron. Each head serves two cylinders. Drilled fuel supply and return lines. Valve seat inserts

are replaceable and corrosion resistant. Valve and crosshead guides are replaceable.

Cylinder Liners – Replaceable wet liners dissipate heat faster than dry liners and are easily replaced without reboring the block.

Fuel System – Cummins PT™ self adjusting system. Integral dual flyweight governor provides overspeed protection independent of main governor. Camshaft actuated fuel injectors give accurate metering and timing. Dual spin-on fuel filters.

Coolpac Integrated Design – Products are supplied complete with cooling package and air cleaner kit for a complete power

package. Each component has been specifically developed and rigorously tested for G-Drive products, ensuring high performance, durability and reliability.

Service and Support – G-Drive products are backed by an uncompromising level of technical support and after sales service, delivered through a world class service network.

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