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Do you have any questions? Have a look at our frequently asked questions.

Why choose TWSSA Power Generation as a supplier?

TWSSA Power Generation supplies you with only the best quality generators. All parts are individually picked and put together by our technical team to suit your exact needs. We are efficient and it is our goal to satisfy each and every customer’s needs.

Where is TWSSA Power Generation situated?

We are situated in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa. But give us a call and we will arrange a meeting near you, should your offices be in Gauteng.

What if I do not live in South Africa?

Please do not hesitate to call, we will gladly assist you with your requirements.

Who are TWSSA Power Generation’s customers?

Our customers consist largely big franchises such as fast-food chains, hospitals, banks and factories within South Africa and middle Africa.

Is TWSSA Power Generation’s generators good quality?

Because we build each industrial generator to your specific needs we ensure that you only get the best of the best. With Engines and Alternators from Cummins and further suppliers such as Volvo, Perkins, John Deere and FAW we make sure that each generator that leaves the factory is up to TWSSA Power Generation’s high standard. TWSSA also offers Factory tests which consists of testing all key components and doing load tests.

Is TWSSA Power Generation reliable?

Yes, we believe that we are extremely reliable. Our trained and qualified technicians are always available for consultation and constructively assist all clients.

Can TWSSA customize my generator to my specific needs?

Yes, we specialise in customising industrial generators that are tailor made according to your specific needs and requirements. Our services include synchronization of generators and other products i.e. solar solutions, gas engines.

Do I have to build my own generator?

No, the TWSSA Power Generation team can do this for you but you are more than welcome to do this by yourself. Our technicians will revise the final draft and assist you with the end product

Where do I get the parts for my generators?

This is a service that TWSSA Power Generation delivers to you. Once you have placed your order you can sit back and relax. We take care of ordering and purchasing all parts for you.

How do I know what size generator I will need for my businesses?

TWSSA sends out a technical team to assess your site with all key appliances and also calculates the required load to make sure you purchase the right size industrial generator. To get a rough estimate, you can also add up the total watts of all appliances, tools, lights and other equipment to be connected to the generator. Find out more here.

How much does a generator cost?

The cost of a generator all depends on the size of the generator, the installation costs and other additional factors. We offer a wide range of generators and TWSSA will gladly provide you with a quote after your selection of the most suitable industrial generator.

What happens if my TWSSA Generator breaks?

Our technicians are always available and will immediately attend do the problem, should your TWSSA Generator not function properly.

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