Commercial Solar Power Systems

Reduce your electricity bill with green energy

TWSSA specialises in various innovative solar power systems and solutions for your home or business – big or small.

All TWSSA products are tested and approved by The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), and comes with a 5 – 10 year warranty depending on the product chosen.


Solar Power Systems Available:

Grid Tie Solutions

Kit consists of  solar panels and an inverter which only works during the daytime while the sun is out.

  • Ideal cost-saving solar solution
  • No battery backup
  • Energy is transferred from solar panels directly to the building during daytime hours only, dependent
    on the availability of sunlight
  • None or limited Eskom power will be used during normal sunny days, reducing your electricity bill significantly

Off-Grid Solutions

NO Eskom present – entirely non dependent of any utility grid from Eskom

  • Avoid power outages and save long term costs with an efficient off-grid solar power solution
  • Solar Panels
  • Battery Bank will supply the household at night and will charge during daytime
  • Power Generator will charge the battery system during rainy & overcast days

Hybrid Solar Solutions

A combination of Solar Power & Eskom/Generator will power the facility.

  • The system is connected to the utility grid (ESKOM or Power Generator or both) and will draw power from the utility if ever a shortage of power occurs
  • Battery system to store electricity
  • System remains fully functional in overcast or rainy days when  solar panels cannot generate enough power from the sun to power all circuits

Peak-Shaving Solutions

Levels out peaks in electricity during peak hours when Eskom tariffs are high. – saving on your monthly electricity bill.

  • In contrast, load shifting refers to a short-term reduction in electricity consumption followed by an increase in production later when power prices or grid demand is lower.
  • Dedicated generators or electricity storage systems owned by the power consumer can be used to bridge high-prices or high-load phases.

Solar Power System Maintenance

Our team of experienced technicians and engineers can assist in maintaining your existing solar power systems, ensuring they work reliably and efficiently for years to come. Contact Us today for a free quotation. 

Cleaning of solar panels

Maintenance of battery systems

Design of solar power systems

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